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NewYork Hairdressing introduces the Supersonic Hairdryer by Dyson!

Have you tried the Supersonic experience by Dyson? If you haven't, because of it's "spicy" price, there is your chance to do so, as this amazing beauty gadget is now available to try in New York Hairdressing when booking any hair beauty service!

Dyson Hair Dryer

There are few things to know about this innovative gadget in which Dyson invested lots of money, passion for technology and beauty!

~The hair dryer is the quietest and most powerful around, with a jet force three times greater than normal devices.

~It's managed to combine an ultra powerful, directed airflow (like those fancy had dryers) that comes with a heat protection sensor that stops the temperature- ever reaching the point where your hair gets shredded.

~Gives you the fastest Ever Blow Dry! Dyson reckons the stay-cool nozzle will smooth your hair as you dry, so you get a sleek finish worthy of a straightening treatment

There is nothing more important than to see your hair well taking care especially into a hair salon, were usually the blow dry is drying your crown and the second day you can notice the split ends-fried!

This device guarantees a Royalty Hair Care and we cannot be more excited about it!

If you can't afford it, you are most than welcomed to try it in our Dublin hair salon, when booking our hair beauty services- prices starting from 25 euro!

There are also few others secrets to discover in New York Hairdressing, so bring your friends and get an attractive discount also!

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